Adult Students: CARES Act

The CARES Act Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF) was established to provide funding to institutions to provide emergency financial aid grants to students whose lives have been disrupted due to COVID. These funds are intended to cover a student’s expenses, including but not limited to, the following:
  • Technology expenses
  • Food 
  • Course materials
  • Child care
  • Housing and health care

Canadian Valley Technology Center has signed and returned the Certification and Agreement to the US Department of Education with the assurance that CV Tech has used no less than 50 percent of the funds received under Section 18004(a)(1) of the CARES Act to provide Emergency Financial Aid Grants to students.

CV Tech recieved $300,674 in federal stimulus funds to be distributed directly to 341 eligible students. CV Tech determined that distribution would be a straight proration to all eligible post-secondary students enrolled in an approved program as of March 13, 2020. Eligibility was determined by verifiying eligible students met the requirements of Section 484 of the Higher Education Act for Title IV eligibility.

Based on federal CARES ACT funding, 341 of our adult students have each received $881.74 as of Oct 1, 2020. 

Quarterly Budget and Expenditure Reporting - 9-30-20

Quarterly Budget and Expenditure Reporting  - 12-31-20


CV Tech received $300,674 in federal stimulus funds to be distributed directly to 354 students in March 2021. CV Tech determined distribution would be based on a four-tiered needs assessment system

CV Tech received $785,430 in HEERF III federal stimulus funds for students. CV Tech determined this amount would be used for hardship grants as needed and for two large disbursements, one in the fall and one in the spring, based on a two-tier needs assessment system. As of September 1, 2021, a total of $356,180 was distributed directly to 362 students, which was the total number of eligible students for first semester at that time. As of December 31, 2021, a smaller distribution of an additional $62,130 was distributed directly to 65 students, which accounted for additional enrollees within the first semester. As of March 31, 2022, an additional $365,250 was distributed directly to 383 students, which was the total number of eligible students for second semester at that time.