Adult Enrollment Information

Steps for Adults & High School Seniors

Updated 7/11/22

1. All adult students must take the ACCUPLACER® or receive a waiver from the Placement Testing & Waivers list.

Note: Test scores are valid for 5 years from the test date.  Minimum scores are required and listed; program specific scores are under Accuplacer® Minimum Scores.

2. Submit your test or waiver.

  • If qualifying for the waiver, all qualifying documents must be submitted to the appropriate program counselor .  You will hear from a Career Counselor and be enrolled or placed on a waitlist.
  • If you do not meet any of the above criteria, schedule the Accuplacer Assessment.  Please visit the Assessment Center page for more information.  Upon completion of the assessment, you’ll meet with the appropriate program counselor. You will be offered remediation, enrolled, or placed on a waitlist.

3. After Testing/Waiver has been submitted, you will be in contact with your Career Counselor.

4. Learn more about paying for your education:

Accommodations for Enrollment

If accommodations are needed, please visit our Request for Accommodations page before scheduling an appointment for testing.

High School Enrollment

Chickasha Campus

Opens this fall. Application Deadline February 2, 2024

High school seniors:

please follow the Adult Enrollment steps above

El Reno | Cowan Campuses

Opens this fall. Application Deadline December 15, 2023

High school seniors:

please follow the Adult Enrollment steps above

What if a high school student need accommodations?

We work with the student’s partner school team to ensure that accommodations are provided.

Still have questions? View our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.

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Chickasha Campus
El Reno Campus
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