The Service Careers Building and Grounds Maintenance program at CV Tech develops skills in horticulture, custodial skills, landscaping, and basic auto detailing. Students gain hands-on experience as they work in the greenhouse, create and maintain the service careers garden, and practice with landscaping and custodial equipment such as the zero turn mower and floor buffer. There is an emphasis in this program on the development of employability skills, positive attitudes, and work ethic.



Safety 115
Construction Math15
Landscaping Design Process60
Landscaping Turf Management120
Landscape Grounds Keeping120
Service Careers Engine Operations15
Service Careers Engine Systems75
Working in the Green Environment15
Principles of Horticulture30
Facilities Grounds Keeper30
Introduction to Drywall/Drywall Basics15
Introduction to Electrical Safety & Electricity15
Construction Core120
Floor Care Equipment30
Installing Fixtures, Valves, Faucest, & Water Heaters45
Introduction to Carpentry30
Introduction to Cleaning Chemicals15
Introduction to Plumbing30
Introduction to Rest Room Maintenance15
Introduction to Welding in Construction30
Service Careers Life Skills30
Workforce Staging30
Total Hours900