The Manufacturing and Machining program at CV Tech prepares students for a career in the machining field. Students learn blueprint reading, math, measuring tools, and setup and operation of manual machine tools such as lathes, grinding machines, mills during their first year and CNC machining in the second year where they will set up, operate, and write programs for CNC mills and lathes.


ODCTE Competency Tests:



Courses Hours
Orientation to Machining 30
Print Reading for Machining 45
Fundamentals of Manufacturing 45
Machine Tool Theory 45
Metal Preparation for Processing 45
Precision Measurement 45
Precision Grinding 30
Engine Lathe Operations 135
Drill Press Operations 75
Milling Operations 135
Computer Numerical Control Operations 60
Basic CNC Mill Operations 60
CNC Mill Programming 60
Basic CNC Lathe Operations 60
CNC Lathe Programming 60
Workforce Staging 30
Total Hours 960