About Course

This self-paced, individualized course will provide you with classroom instruction and hands-on training in various welding techniques and equipment. It is designed to cover basic through advanced welding skills, welding theory, and safety. Each student’s learning plan will be based on desired certification(s) and goals. Students have the opportunity to gain experience and learn procedures in stick, MIG and TIG welding on plate and pipe.

Required: Welding gloves, safety glasses, safety-toed leather boots, and long sleeve shirt.

Note: Certification fee is not included in the cost of the course. Certification tests must be scheduled and approved by the instructor and ACCD Coordinator. A certified DOL-approved Certified Welding Inspector will provide the paperwork required to get the Department of Labor ID card after successfully passing the designated test. Multiple sessions are typically required for the student to obtain the necessary skills to pass the designated test.

Course Details

  • Course Number: AT300 | AT194
  • Hours: 48
  • Campus: Chickasha | El Reno
  • Dates:


8/15-10/5 | 10/17-12/14

El Reno

8/15-10/5 | 10/10-12/12

  • Days: Tuesday/Thursday
  • Times: 6PM-9PM


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