About Course

Sharpen your pencils for an art class centered on drawing & sketching. With a skilled instructor, you will explore shading, value, use of light & shadow to build form, texture, composition, and perspective. Various types of pencils will be used to achieve different visual effects while studying elements of still life, portrait drawing, and landscape. There’s a focus on breaking down complex subject matter into simpler, easier to process shapes and each student will be encouraged to loosen up from rigid drawing habits while still striving for improved accuracy and fine detail. This class will consider methods of drawing that convey realism, the illusion of space, depth, and three-dimensional form. Supply list available for mail-out or pick-up.

Online and in-person class formats are available. In-person class held at Chickasha & El Reno campuses.

Note: Course does not qualify for the NSS benefit.

Course Details

  • Course Number: AG680 | AG251
  • Hours: 6 | 24
  • Campus: Chickasha | El Reno
  • Dates:


8/15-8/24 | 10/17-10/26 | 11/28-12/7

El Reno

8/15-9/7 | 9/12-10/5 | 10/10-11/7 | 11/9-12/12

  • Days: Tuesday/Thursday
  • Times: 6:30PM-8PM | 5PM-8PM


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