About Course

Are you interested in trying your hand at a different type of art? Why not try paint pouring? Paint pouring is a technique that has been around since the 1930s in which paint is poured onto a canvas or other flat surface to create a marbled look. Within this class, you will learn how to mix and pour paint, as well as how to adjust paint cells with a blow torch. To add popping effects to your art, you can use glitter and foil! After completing this relaxing and fun hour-long class, you will have learned a new technique and will have a beautiful piece of art to hang in your home or office. Paint pours can also make wonderful, personalized gifts. Happy painting!

Required: 4 oz “Ready-to-Pour” paint (4-5 colors of your choice; need a total of at least 16 oz).

Note: Additional supply list available for mail-out or pickup.

Course Details

  • Course Number: AS677
  • Hours: 1.5
  • Campus: Chickasha
  • Dates: 8/29 | 9/26 | 10/24 | 11/28 | 12/12
  • Days: Tuesday
  • Times: 5:30PM-7PM


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