About Course

Are you wanting to start a home renovation project and not sure where to start? Maybe you are looking to cut costs of paying an outside contractor? Enroll in this course to learn a new topic each week and get you well on your way to tackling that home remodel yourself! This course will give students information and hands-on experience in how to improve, repair, and maintain the space you call home. Students will learn to do it on your own, without having to hire expensive and sometimes unreliable contractors.

*Note (left): This class is not to become a licensed electrician or plumber. You should always contact a licensed professional for anything other than basic maintenance.

Course does not qualify for the NSS benefit.

Course Details

  • Course Number: AS100
  • Hours: 48
  • Campus: Chickasha
  • Dates: 1/10-3/2 & 3/28-5/18
  • Days: Tuesday/Thursday
  • Times: 6PM-9PM


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