About Course

ArcGIS Pro allows you to view, edit, analyze, and share your GIS data quickly and efficiently using a modern, ribbon-based interface and streamlined workflows. ArcGIS Pro is also designed to be web-connected, so you can access information stored online as easily as data that you have stored locally and then easily share it online or locally. In this course, you will learn the basics of working with ArcGIS Pro, including some workflows and best practices.

Note: Online only. In-person assistance at the El Reno campus.

Discounts available for those who qualify!

Course Details

  • Course Number: AC313
  • Hours: 48
  • Campus: El Reno
  • Formats: Online
  • Dates: 8/15-10/5 | 10/10-12/12
  • Days: Tuesday/Thursday
  • Times: 6PM-9PM


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