Mom Resets Life Priorities by Enrolling and Completing Equivalency Course

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Lacey Hart, of Yukon, (center) is CV Tech’s first education equivalency graduate this year. She is joined by Adult Basic Education Coordinator Truda Hibbs (left) and instructor Nicole DeVault.

Lacey Hart has turned heartbreak into happiness.

Hart, 37, of Yukon, said she was a troubled teen on a path to destruction. Then at age 17, she dropped out of high school after she discovered she was pregnant. She was stuck on a proverbial merry-go-round with no clear exit.

She said she missed job opportunities because she lacked basic education. Hart defines it as a generational curse. That is until she re-examined her situation. She underwent an internal “heart-to-Hart” and made a life U-turn.

Hart researched diploma equivalency options so she could be considered on the same educational level as high school graduates. She enrolled in the High School Equivalency Test (or HiSET) preparation course at Canadian Valley Technology Center.

The free class is available in a convenient online format at three area locations and multiple timeslot options.

She completed the course and passed all five sections of the examination to earn her equivalency. But her good fortune does not end there. She’s recently been accepted into Fall classes at Rose State College. Lifelong learning is now in her bloodstream.

“I am very proud of myself for completing this step,” she said. “This is something that I have put off for so long to raise my children. Now that they are older, I can finally get my life and my future career back on track.

“I definitely encourage others to not give up. Speaking from experience, it is important to put yourself first sometimes to grow. It is never too late to do what is best for you.”

Hart’s long-term plans involved working in Information Technology (or IT) – specifically cyber security.

“If I can send any kind of message to the younger generation, it is that your future is important, and getting an education is important” she said. “Regardless of your circumstances at home, there is always a way to improve your own situation.

“Some take longer than others to get there, but it is still something to be happy about and proud to achieve any goals you set for yourself regardless of how long it takes.”

Hart said she has learned there are no shortcuts. Nobody is going to give anything worthwhile to you at no cost, she said, “You have to go out and get it.”

CV Tech offers general education prep courses through a partnership with Redlands Community College throughout the school year (fall and spring). Classes are offered at CV Tech’s Cowan-Yukon and El Reno Campus and at Redlands. Students may take the GED, TASC or HiSET test for equivalency upon completion of the free class. Classes are offered in the morning and afternoon. For more information, call (405) 262-2629.


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