CV Tech’s Miller Wins National Gold in BPA Contest

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Maggie Miller’s school year was unlike most. As a mother of two young children, her balancing act is one worthy of the big-top.

Miller, 36, of Mustang, began each day with getting her pre-K and first-grade sons ready for distance learning. Eventually, she had distance learning of her own as an enrollee in Canadian Valley Technology Center’s Accounting and Business Management program. Distance learning was an option for CV Tech students this year.

Throw in added duties of being a wife and mom during a pandemic, and it’s a wonder she found time to sleep.

“It meant long days of elementary lessons and long nights after (the boys) were asleep of catching up with my school work,” she said. “I also spent many hours on my weekends working on my school work to ensure I met my progress goals.”

Miller was recently recognized as a CV Tech Foundation Outstanding Scholars, which means she was one of the top two students at the school’s Cowan Campus. She followed up by winning a national gold medal in the Business Professionals of America (BPA) national contest for post-secondary students.

BPA is one of a handful of Career Tech Student Organizations (CTSOs) in which CV Tech students have the option of participating for growth through education, competition, community service and personal development.

Miller said she looks forward to calmer days before jumping back into a career.

“It feels phenomenal to be a national champion for BPA,” she said. “I worked very hard practicing my Microsoft Office skills in the weeks prior to the contest. I felt ready to do my best but never imagined I would place first.

“My husband and I have decided to focus on our family through the summer and for me to return to work when school resumes in the fall. I am casually watching the job market in case a dream opportunity comes along that will allow me summers off with my children.”

The accolades do not end there. Miller served as local BPA chapter vice president and president. She is a parent volunteer with Parent Teacher Student Organization and Cub Scouts.
She won two post-secondary state contests in Fundamental Spreadsheet Applications and Integrated Office Applications.

Her résumé is polished and ready for her first job interview. Miller, an Edmond North High School in 2003, said she is confident the class prepared her for the workplace.

“CV Tech has taught me everything I need to be successful in an accounting and business setting,” she said. “Most importantly are the soft skills I learned in my career readiness course, including interview skills, writing a persuasive e-mail and public speaking.”

Also notable is El Reno Campus Computer Programming student Austin Bole, who placed second at the National BPA Contest in Information Technology Concepts and third nationally in C# Programming. He added a pair of sixth-place finishes in SQL Database Fundamentals and Computer Programming Concepts. CV Tech also had several dozen state contest placers, including many state champions.

National Contest Results
Business Professionals of America (BPA)

Integrated Office Applications: 1. Maggie Miller, post-secondary
Fundamental Spreadsheet Applications: 7. Maggie Miller, post-secondary

Basic Office Systems and Procedures: 2. Bailey Street

State Contest Results
Business Professionals of America (BPA)

Fundamental Spreadsheet Applications: 1. Maggie Miller, post-secondary

Integrated Office Applications: 1. Maggie Miller, post-secondary

Administrative Support Team: 1. Aubrey Edmondson; Selby Park; Kathrine Stanke; Payton Tradii-Jameson

Fundamental Spreadsheet Applications: 2. Tayla Brown, post-secondary

Basic Office Systems & Procedures: 2. Francisco Lozano

Integrated Office Applications: 2. Mi Mon

Advanced Office Systems & Procedures: 2. Jessie Ross, post-secondary

Intermediate Word Processing: 2. Jessie Ross, post-secondary

Intermediate Word Processing: 3. Tayla Brown, post-secondary

Integrated Office Applications: 4. Francisco Lozano

Basic Office Systems & Procedures: 4. Mi Mon

Advanced Interview Skills: 4. Morgan Nelson

Intermediate Word Processing: 5. Aubrey Edmondson

Health Administration Procedures: 5. Elizabeth Hernandez

Integrated Office Applications: 5. Selby Park

Payroll Accounting: 5. Payton Tradii-Jameson

Fundamental Word Processing: 7. Morgan Meiwes

Interview Skills: 8. Paola Garcia

Medical Terminology (Open): 8. Elizabeth Hernandez

Basic Office Systems & Procedures: 1. Bailey Street, post-secondary

Fundamental Word Processing: 4. Bailey Street, post-secondary

Basic Office Systems & Procedures: 3. Heather Abbitt, post-secondary; 4. Tabitha Snodgrass, post-secondary

Health Administration Procedures: 8. Tabitha Snodgrass, post-secondary

Fundamental Word Processing: 3. Latoya Stiles, post-secondary; 5. Jordan Shaw, post-secondary

Health Administration Procedures: 7. Hanna Giacomo, post-secondary

Health Insurance & Medical Billing: 2. Christina Gebhard, post-secondary

ICD-10-CM Medical Diagnostic Coding, post-secondary: 2. Christina Gebhard; 6. Jordan White; 7. Heather Abbitt; 8. Harley Foster

Medical Terminology (Open): 5. Harley Foster, post-secondary

Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA)

Nutrition: 1. Ella Reynolds

Research Poster: 2. Lorelei, Winton

Medical Law & Ethics: 5. Morgan Watson

Medical Innovations Team: 2. Avery Tran; Grant McCutchan

Prepared Speaking: 2. Justice Harper

Biomedical Debate Team: 2. Maloree Cordova; Kensey Cline; Konnor Magden

National Contest Results
Business Professionals of America (BPA)

Server Administration Using Microsoft: 8. Ian Fowler

Computer Security: 10. Ian Fowler

Information Technology Concepts: 2. Austin Bole

C# Programming: 3. Austin Bole

SQL Database Fundamentals: 6. Austin Bole

Computer Programming Concepts: 6. Austin Bole

State Contest Results
Business Professionals of America (BPA)

C+ Programming: 1. Austin Bole

Computer Programming Concepts: 2. Austin, Bole; 3. Jackson Watts; 4. Christina Perez-Sandoval; 5. Maryna Ando

Digital Media Production: 4. Christina Perez-Sandoval

Fundamentals of Web Design: 4. Ashlynne Brown; 7. Jordan, Baker

Information Technology Concepts: 1. Austin Bole; 4. Jackson Watts; 7. Maryna Ando

Presentation Management-Individual: 3. Maryna Ando

Presentation Management-Team: 4. Christopher Do; Joseph Neff

SQL Database Fundamentals: 1. Austin Bole; 2. Jacob Breedlove; 3. Jaden Helms

Web Design Team: 1. Estevan Albert; Jordan Baker; Robert Waddle

Server Administration using Microsoft: 1. Ian Fowler

Computer Security: 2. Ian Fowler

PC Servicing & Troubleshooting: 4. Ian Fowler

Presentation Management Team: 2. Tiffany Favela; Hayden Hutchins; Candace Jackson; Madyson Rains


Cake Decorating: 1. Christina Rosas

Carpet Maintenance: 2. George Cerbu, post-secondary

Esthetics: 2. Allexus, Jones, post-secondary; 3. Madelynn Schow, post-secondary; 3. Nolan Kelley

Financial Fitness: 2. Abigail Kinne

Graphic Design: Branding: 1. Scarlett Poblete; 2. McKinlee Stange

Graphic Design: Illustrating: 1. Valentina Torres

Graphic Design: Image Manipulation: 1. Gavin Clodfelter, post-secondary

Graphic Design: Packaging: 1. Alannah Smith

Graphic Image Sublimation: 1. Brittany Thomas; 2. Destyni Dorsey; 3. Sadie Vanderburg

Grounds Equipment Op: 1. Trey Henderson

JR: Job Interview: 1. Dalena Wallis, post-secondary; 2. Sneha Abraham, post-secondary

JR: Prepared Speech: 1. Jacob Howell

Laundry Sorting & Folding : 1. Maley Scott

Low Speed Buffing: 1. Adam Holder

Photography: 2. Alec Samples, post-secondary

Table setting: 1. Austin Hamilton, post-secondary; 1. Carson Dyson; 2. Demarion Houze

T-Shirt Design: 1. Brianna Dysinger

Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA)

Children’s Literature, 1. Adison Foster

Professional Presentation: 2. Racquel Mains, Kenya Jeffers

Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA)

Medical Math: 5. Joshua Lubbers

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