CV Tech Student Team Among 10 Invention Grant Recipients Nationwide

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CV Tech’s team of student inventors has received a $7,500 grant to take a proposed project from concept to reality, courtesy of a foundation closely linked to MIT. Pictured (back row, l-r) are coach Dr. Don Wilson, Caleb Crase, Travis Lloyd, Samuel Byrd and coach Suni Williamson. Also pictured (middle row, l-r) are Heather Brockway, Caleb Houston, Logan Denny and Sydnie Cox. Also pictured (front row, l-r) are Joy Mosisa, Anjalina Thomas and Lily Mosisa.

November 18, 2022 – CV Tech Admin

Students enrolled at Canadian Valley Technology Center’s El Reno Campus have been awarded a $7,500 grant by the Lemelson-MIT program.

InvenTeams is an initiative of the Lemelson-MIT program, which administers grants each year to high school teams who invent technological solutions to real-world problems.

CV Tech’s InvenTeam has conceived a backpack alarm intended to alert students when important school items are missing. The device is meant to help keep students organized and to curb stress.

Grant recipients were chosen by a panel of university professors, inventors, entrepreneurs, industry professionals and college students.

CV Tech’s InvenTeam members plan to work with community partners to guide them through the development stage of their invention, said CV Tech InvenTeam coach Dr. Don Wilson.

“This process of working as a team and developing a unique and necessary device to improve the lives of teens just like them helps these students gain experiences in ways no other program provides,” he said. “The connections they make with others as they build and present this invention at Massachusetts Institute of Technology is invaluable.”

Over the next eight months, the team must build a working prototype that will be showcased at a technical review in February and then again as a final prototype during EurekaFest®, an invention celebration in June 2023, at the MIT campus in Cambridge, Mass.


The Lemelson-MIT Program is a national leader in efforts to prepare the next generation of inventors and entrepreneurs. Work focuses on the expansion of opportunities for people to learn ways inventors find and solve problems that matter to improve lives. Jerome H. Lemelson, one of U.S. history’s most prolific inventors, and his wife Dorothy founded the Lemelson-MIT Program at MIT in 1994. It is funded by The Lemelson Foundation and administered by the MIT School of Engineering.


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