CV Tech Names Top Teachers, Employees of the Year

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For 29 years, Charlotte Wakefield has instructed young people about the importance of making wise choices. She often quotes Ralph Waldo Emerson, who said, “You are what you think.”

Wakefield is retiring but not before picking up a little hardware. She has been honored by peers as Teacher of the Year at Canadian Valley Technology Center’s El Reno Campus. She teaches in Project Connect, which is an alternative education and dropout recovery program designed to assist students ages 16 to 19 who have not experienced success in a traditional school setting.

She is joined by fellow retiree-to-be, Kellie Carel, the campus bursar. She was named Support Staff of the Year, and she has worked at CV Tech for 23 years. Instructional Design Specialist Christy Reed was named Professional of the Year.

Staff were also recognized at CV Tech’s two other campuses during a recent district-wide online meeting.

Bette Henderson, instructional coach in the WorkKeys Center, is Teacher of the Year at the Chickasha Campus. She is retiring after 13 years at the school.

Maintenance Supervisor Kevin Rowden is Professional of the Year, while Events Coordinator Carla Eastep has been named Support Staff of the Year. She is retiring after 25 years at CV Tech.

The Cowan Campus Teacher of the Year is Health Careers instructor Angela McDoulett. Pete Davis, maintenance, was chosen as Employee of the Year.

2020-21 CV Tech Teachers/Employees of the Year


Kevin Rowden, Professional Of The Year

Carla Eastep, Support Staff Of The Year

Bette Henderson, Teacher Of The Year

Pete Davis, Employee Of The Year

Angela McDoulett, Teacher Of The Year


Christy Reed, Professional Of The Year

Kellie Carel, Support Staff Of The Year

Charlotte Wakefield, Teacher Of The Year


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