Adult Career & Community Development (ACCD) Policies

Military Discount

Qualified active duty military, reserves, National Guard and veterans are offered free tution for short-term classes. The individual is responsible for books and fees.

In order to be eligible for the discount, an individual must currently be a member of the armed forces or have recieved a discharge from the armed forces other than a dishonorable discharge and be a resident of Oklahoma.

  • One of the following military documents is required to establish eligibility:
  • Valid current Military ID
  • Department of Defense Form DD-214 indicating an honorable dischage
  • Valid retired Military ID
  • A veteran-designated driver's license
  • Veteran Health Insurance card

Next Step Scholarship

The Next Step Scholarship is designed for individuals under age 24 who have a high school diploma or GED and are living in our school district. Next Step Scholarship recipients are required to pay student fees, books, clothing, and any other materials needed for that program.

Partner School Employees

School employees, active and retired, in CV Tech school districts are allowed one (1) tuition-free class per semester with the documentation from their school. Student fees and books extra.

Senior Citizen Discount

Senior citizens (65 years or older) and who are living in our school district are offered free tuition for most classes. Students fees and books extra.

Cancellation & Refund Policy*

  • Refunds must be requested prior to second class meeting to qualify for refund.
  • Refunds will be subject to a processing fee.
  • Please allow 10-14 days for refund processing.
  • Payment in full is required at the time of enrollment.
  • Classes cancelled by Canadian Valley Technology Center will qualify for a full refund.

(*per board policy)