CV Tech Foundation

CV Tech Foundation

The Canadian Valley Technology Center Foundation was incorporated in 1984 to foster and promote technology education - to help students realize their dreams. Helen Ward of Chickasha was closely involved with our Single Parent/ Homemaker program and saw the success of people who were touched by Canadian Valley. Her generous gift ensures the program’s future success.

The Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees, appointed from areas in Canadian Valley’s district. This Board oversees all management and expenditures of Foundation funds. The Foundation and Canadian Valley Technology Center are separate entities.

Why a foundation?

Tax revenue designated to public schools is earmarked for construction, maintenance, equipment and operation of the school. It often does not provide the funding to assist individual students to meet the costs of their education. A tax deductible gift to the Canadian Valley Technology Center Foundation could make a significant difference in assisting students reach their educational goals.

who we help?

Currently, the Foundation supports tuition scholarships for qualified daytime and evening adult students. Many of these students are working-class individuals for whom scholarship support is essential. The Foundation also provides educator grants up to $2,000 to support educational opportunities for students beyond the normal classroom curriculum.

how to contribute

If you would like to donate to CVTC's Foundation, you can mail your donation in check form, made payable to CVTC Foundation, Inc., to the address below. We thank you for your contribution.

Trust Department
First National Bank and Trust Co.
P.O. Box 1130
Chickasha, OK 73023

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