Graphic Design

A student in graphic design sits with her mouse in hand ready to edit a project. Program Highlights Develop, design and produce a wide range of print media for customers Create logos, ads, vinyl materials, posters and product packaging Produce a portfolio for college and […]

Digital Media Technology

digital media technology header 1532977455 Program Highlights Visualize, direct and produce professional video and audio content for commercial broadcast Create interactive web pages and digital media using a variety of professional software on Mac […]

Computer Programming

computer programming header 1533072981

Program Highlights Write dynamic programming code for interactive websites, video games and business applications Program in advanced languages such as HTML, PHP, JAVA, C++ and JavaScript Work individually and in […]

Computer Information Systems

Computer Program Highlights Note: This is an adult-only program available at both the Chickasha and Cowan campuses. Diagnose, repair and maintain complex computers and network systems Work in a professional […]

Computer Aided Drafting & Design

Computer Program Highlights Create products using the same design, drafting and 3D modeling software as engineering professionals Visualize and produce custom 3D animations, walk‐through models and elaborate graphic designs Generate […]