Career Demand for Wind & Solar

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CV Tech Wind Energy Technician

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, BLS, released its new career outlook for 2021. The job growth outlook for Wind Energy Technicians through 2030 is expected to grow by 68%. The median Solar Photovoltaic Installers–who assemble or maintain solar panel systems–are also in demand, with a job growth rate estimate of 52%. To understand just how high these job groth estimates are, it is important to note that overall growth for all occupations combined is only 8%. Property Appraisers growth is 4% and demand for Draftersis decreasing, with 2% decline expected through 2030.

Job Title Education Median Pay
Property Appraiser Bachelor’s Degree $28.20
Wind Turbine Tech Certification $27.03
Drafter Associate Degree $27.87
Solar Installer HS Diploma/*Certification $22.34

*Entry-level requirements are diploma/GED and on-the-job training. CV Tech offers certification and job placement assistance to fast-track your career.

Canadian Valley Technology Center’s Wind and Solar Technician short-term program can get you trained and certified in a few weeks. Additionally, if you are under age 24 and live within our district, you could qualify for free tuition through our Next Step Scholarship.Our Wind/Solar Technician program also qualifies for full GI Bill benefits.

Our required informational orientation class is free and can help you determine if this career is right for you. Classes fill up fast, so contact us today.


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