Yukon Teen Among Top Computer Programming Students at CV Tech

Allison Guzzardo finds Computer Programming is quite suitable to her interests. She enrolled in the program last August with hopes of someday becoming a web application software designer.

January 25, 2018

EL RENO – Rare is the year that a female enrolls in Computer Programming at Canadian Valley Technology Center.

More so is a year in which four females enroll in the program, said instructor Hital Damani.

“I am thrilled to have four young ladies in the program,” Damani said. “I don’t know why programmers are mostly male, but I can tell you that females do very well in the field.”

Statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics show men outnumber women nearly 3 to 1 in the industry.

Allison Guzzardo, 17, of Yukon, knows exactly what she wants to do after graduating high school, and that’s to become a web application software designer. She said Computer Programming is the best path to that career.

“I find a lot of satisfaction in programming,” she said, “and I haven’t given much thought to the fact there are not many female programmers.”

Damani said Guzzardo stands out in the classroom.

“She leads the team when we are working on complex projects,” he said. “She does an excellent job researching and finding solutions for various projects. She is willing to put effort outside of the class when needed. And she has passion to code.”

Guzzardo will compete in the Business Professionals of America chapter regional contest in SQL Language and C# programming. She is also member of the National Technical Honor Society at CV Tech.

Damani said Guzzardo shows strong interest in the field, which also makes her rare.

“The female students that I have had in the past usually do not want to work in this field,” he said. “Allison is an exception. She will be an excellent software engineer in the future.”