Top-Rated Childcare Center Relocating Soon, Seeking Applicants

The main hallway of Canadian Valley Technology Center’s new childcare center features inviting colors, lots of light and child eye-level portholes overlooking the playground. In the back of the facility, a FEMA approved safe room will provided added peace of mind during storms.

September 1, 2016

YUKON – Reconstruction is the final stretch at Canadian Valley Technology Center’s El Reno Campus with anticipated re-opening scheduled for January 5, 2017.

Crews are still installing, painting, flooring and paving the site that was decimated by the May 2013 tornado.

One of the featured areas at the site is a completely new childcare center that is more centrally located.

Thirty-five children – from six weeks old to age 5 – are enrolled at peak times at the child care center that consistently draws a three-star rating (highest in the industry, according to the state Department of Human Services). The center is accredited by the National Accreditation Commission for Early Care and Education programs.

Portholes, patios, and a colorful water-themed playground await young children at the center, which is also a working lab for students enrolled in the school’s Early Care and Education program.

“There are no other three-star centers in El Reno,” said Deborah White, who teaches the program.  “When we move back, I will appreciate coming ‘home.’

“The church has been wonderful to host us. We are truly grateful for their hospitality.”

A week after the tornado, the center was relocated to Church of Christ South Yukon. Now the center is moving back to its original destination with hopes of continuing to serve El Reno and surrounding communities.

The childcare center provides students with experiences that show them professionalism to the highest standard, White said.

“Our goal is that they will then have high expectations of themselves and the confidence to apply their training in the community.”

Bambi Slimp, CV Tech’s childcare director, said she understands the concern of some parents and caregivers who will not want extended drive times.

Nevertheless, she believes the reputation of the center and the added features will make it a childcare destination.

The new center will have a mini splash pad, comfortable landing surfaces and bright colors throughout, she said. Special goodbye benches are located outside each classroom, and an indoor playroom was added. Additionally, one of five FEMA approved safe rooms has been constructed in the childcare area.

“We’ll have more space to interact with the children within the classrooms as well,” Slimp said. “This will facilitate more student time with the children.”

Anyone wanting more information about the center may call Slimp at 422-2330.