Student Sculpture Celebrates Leadership, Successes

CV Tech receptionist Alexis Graham also dabbles in art. She teaches a short-term evening canvas painting class and is working on a sculpture that will be displayed permanently in the school’s childcare facility area.

February 9, 2017

EL RENO – “In art, the hand can never execute anything higher than the heart can imagine.” These words by 19th Century essayist and poet Ralph Waldo Emerson aptly describe a project being undertaken at Canadian Valley Technology Center.

A May 2013 tornado destroyed the El Reno Campus. Before reconstruction was completed recently, staff solicited ideas from students for art projects that are to be displayed at key entrances to the school.

CV Tech Health Careers student Abbi Bos, a Mustang High School senior, submitted a winning idea for one of the projects that features a bronze-like sculpture with cupped hands. Once completed, it will be placed at the entrance of the school’s childcare facility.

Two other students – Kyrsten Huggins, an El Reno High School senior, and Autumn Jones, a Yukon High School senior, are helping make the statue a reality on the intellectual side by making it a celebration of successes.

The tandem chose words that will be written across three rocks that are to be placed in the sculpture’s hands. The words are “Family, Career and Community,” which are also the first three words of the student organization within the school’s Early Care and Education program where the childcare center is located.

Huggins and Jones developed a “Focus on the Children” presentation about the project and took home first-place honors at a recent regional competition sponsored by the Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) student organization. The win qualifies the students for the state FCCLA competition in late March.

Students in the Early Care and Education program are determined to also make rocks to celebrate life moments within their own families and those who bring their young children to the childcare center each day. Moments for students and staff will also be celebrated.

The center functions as a working laboratory for students enrolled in the program. The center has been consistently rated as a three-star facility, which is the highest possible attainment.

Besides providing world-class childcare services for children who live in the area, Early Care and Education instructor Debbie White said the center also provides students with world-class interactions among young children that will pave the way for careers either in the childcare field or in education.

Students enrolled in the program sent out questionnaires to parents of the childcare center requesting they submit important dates or events, such as birthdays, births, anniversaries and promotions.

“It’s really anything that we can celebrate,” White said.

Each of the ideas submitted will be written on rocks that will be placed beneath the sculpture, she said.

“This is a new tradition,” White said. “We’re estimating that we will impact children, their families, students and families and staff and families of at least 300 people. When we talk about things happening in nine communities that we serve, the possibilities are really limitless.”

CV Tech receptionist Alexis Graham, who also teaches a short-term canvas art class at the school, was enlisted to make the sculpture.

“I am thrilled I get to be a part of this,” Graham said. “It’s something that makes my heart really happy. I have the privilege to represent CV Tech with something that will live on forever here at the school.