Jallane Link Retires After 26 Years in Education

Jallane Link has retired as Business Office Technology instructor at Canadian Valley Technology Center. A lifelong Grady County resident, Link is very fond of her career. Now, she looks forward to spending time with her husband, her children and five grandchildren.

October 12, 2016

CHICKASHA – Though it was not an audible voice Jallane Link heard, she got the message loud and clear.

“It’s time to slow down,” she said.

Link, 65, of Chickasha, recently retired after 26 years in education. The past 14 years she worked at Canadian Valley Technology Center’s Chickasha Campus.

Link taught Business Office Technology at CV Tech. Graduates of the program have become receptionists, secretaries, business owners, paralegals, even accountants.

“A lot went on to college,” she said. “A lot of them became friends.”

Link said she would now turn her focus to spending time with her five grandchildren. An avid water skier, Link also taught her grandchildren how to ski and how to wakeboard.

“I was raised in Verden, about a mile and a half from Chickasha Lake, so I’m like a fish,” she said.

Link has trained horses in her spare time. She also plays the drums in a country and gospel band that formed at church.

“There’s a lot to me, I guess,” she said. “We grew up on a farm. Dad was good to me, and I was his little angel, but he treated me like a boy for eight or 10 years until my brother got old enough.

“My mom wore tailored suits and worked in an office. I have the best of both worlds, the tomboy side and the business side from my mom.”

Education was a natural choice for Link.

“My dad drilled it in my head,” she said. “Dad always told me I would be a teacher or a nurse. I can remember in elementary watching how teachers taught and thinking to myself how I might do it differently.”

Link completed her bachelor’s degree in education at nearby University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma. She completed a master’s degree in adult education at the University of Central Oklahoma.

“I always knew I was going to be a teacher,” she said. “It appealed to me. I took the good from every teacher and thought about it a lot.”

Link’s first job was with Alex Public Schools, and she stayed there for 12 years.

“It’s pronounced ‘Elek,’ she insists. “I learned pretty quick, going to the cafes in town that you don’t pronounce it with an ‘A.’ The preacher at the church there helped me to realize that if you want to fit in and be accepted, you pronounced it the way everybody else did.”

Link recalls fond days at Alex, or ‘Elek.’

“I love Alex, but my heart is at Canadian Valley, because we were always more like a family there,” she said. “I consider Canadian Valley my home and my second family. You don’t realize how much everybody works together until you live.”

Link said there was an outpouring of support from CV Tech co-workers through money, gifts, food and visits during her husband Chet’s recent illness.

“It was outstanding,” she said. “It was an absolute family.”

Link decided to leave Alex Schools on the urging of CV Tech Assistant Superintendent Bill Bradley, who then worked as the evening class coordinator.

“One day while I was teaching, I saw Vernon Florence, my former superintendent at Alex, looking in at the door with another man. Later, Vernon came to me and told me he had visited with Bill Bradley, who needed an instructor to teach evening computer classes for Canadian Valley.

“Back then, very few people had computers. So I was teaching in the daytime and then again at night, because we needed the money.”

Link eventually went to work full-time at Canadian Valley.

“I would probably still would be if not for my husband and his health. It took me a month to make up my mind, cause I love what I did at Canadian Valley,” she said. “But it feels like God wants me to slow down. And I’m listening.”