These Canadian Valley Technology Center Pre-Engeineering students comprise state championship robot teams who are headed to the VEX Robotics World championships in mid-April.
Front row, left to right: Matthew Lechrone, Mustang; Samuel West, Mustang; Cooper Copelin, Mustang.
Back row, left to right: Austin Clark, Union City; Chris Staten, Mustang; Tristan Whitman, Mustang; Cody Sheets, Mustang.

YUKON – Two teams of students from Canadian Valley Technology Center’s Pre-Engineering program are heading to the VEX Robotics World Championship on April 15-18 in Louisville, Ky.

The two teams were part of the winning alliance at the VEX Robotics State Championship March 7 at Northeastern State University in Tahlequah.

VEX Robotics encourages teamwork, leadership and problem solving among groups. Each year, VEX Robotics develops a new game for its competitions. This year’s game is called Skyrise.

It is played on a 12-foot square field. Two alliances, composed of two teams each, compete in matches where the object of the game is to place more of your cubes in the scoring zones than the opposing alliance.

In addition to the two teams that were Tournament Champions, another Canadian Valley team won the design award.

All the students that participated at the event are enrolled in the Pre-Engineering program at the Dr. Earl Cowan Campus.