Baum Named SkillsUSA State Officer

Rose Baum, a home school junior from El Reno, will represent Canadian Valley Technology Center as a state officer next year as part of her leadership involvement in the student organization SkillsUSA.

APRIL 25, 2016

YUKON – Rose Baum insists she was the shy kid at school. She also admits participation in leadership development as a part of her student organization at Canadian Valley Technology Center has helped her leave the “shell” in the past.

Baum, 17, and a home school student from El Reno, has just been elected as one of eight statewide officers representing the student organization SkillsUSA. She will serve the term next school year.

She recently underwent a screening in Stillwater to be considered for the final ballot.

Baum, the daughter of Jim & Annalee Baum of Piedmont, is enrolled in the Cosmetology program at CV Tech.

“It’s definitely what I want to do,” Baum said of Cosmetology as a career. “It comes naturally, and I’m good at it.”

She said her parents are very supportive of Career Tech, because they believe it rounds out her home school education.

“My dad took an automotive tech class when he was in high school,” Baum said. “He had to drop out for family reasons. He tells me he wishes he would have finished.”

Jim Baum works on the family cars all the time, she said. But he works for an oil company now.

Rose Baum said her future plans include working at a salon. College is not a consideration at this point.

“My parents have a dream of helping me open my salon someday, and I won’t need a college degree to do that.”

Roughly a third of CV Tech students choose to pursue college degrees upon graduation. Many go right to work.