Medical Billing and Insurance (5)

Learn the various types of insurance carriers and the procedures necessary for obtaining proper reimbursement from each. Collection of information for filing, filling in claim forms, how to follow up on delinquent claims, and handling payments; co-pays and write-offs will be covered. PrerequisiteMedical Terminology, Basic Anatomy I & II, Medical Procedures Coding, Medical Diagnostic Coding I & II or ICD-10 Level 1 & 2, Advanced Medical Coding. Book required.

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AH36 Cowan M/W • 6-9pm
01/15/2018 to 03/07/2018
AH36 Cowan M/W • 6-9pm
03/26/2018 to 05/16/2018
AH36 Cowan M-TH • 8am-4pm
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