ICD-10 Level 2 (3)

This course is a continuation of Medical Diagnostic Coding I. In it, you will continue to apply knowledge and skills as you learn to assign codes to diseases and disorders of remaining body systems including; circulatory disease, respiratory diseases, digestive diseases, skin and subcutaneous tissue disorders, musculoskeletal disorders and genitourinary disease. It covers how to code complications of pregnancy and childbirth, perinatal conditions, congenital disorders, burns, injuries and E-codes.  In addition, it includes coding complications of medical-surgical care and outpatient diagnostic coding.  Prerequisite: Medical Terminology, Basic Anatomy I & II, Medical Procedures Coding, ICD-10 Level 1. Book required.

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AH178 Cowan M/W • 6-9pm
01/15/2018 to 03/07/2018
AH178 Cowan M/W • 6-9pm
03/26/2018 to 05/16/2018
AH178 Cowan M-TH • 8am-4pm
Any $195
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