Adult Career and Community Development (ACCD)

How can our ACCD / short-term
courses help you?

In today's professional world, individuals who continually work to upgrade their skills have the competitive edge over others. Canadian Valley offers Adult Career and Community Development (ACCD) classes (or short-term courses) that provide the training individuals need to attain new jobs or to better perform their existing employment duties.

Developing a Stronger Workforce
ACCD classes are generally established based upon the needs of area businesses. ACCD students have access to the precise training employers want from their employees. ACCD classes, along with Canadian Valley's Career Programs, provide your company with a stronger applicant pool for future jobs.

Improving the Quality of Life
ACCD students are able to explore a variety of career fields, while receiving the applied education they need for greater employment options. These classes also provide your employees and their family members the chance to develop new or existing skills and to explore areas of special interest.



ACCD Policy Page

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