Bid Assistance Center and Government Procurement Assistance Program

Oklahoma Bid Assistance Network (OBAN) providers are a local resource available at no cost that can provide assistance to businesses seeking contract opportunities in selling their goods or services to the federal, state, county and local governments, as well as private and commercial businesses and industries.  

  • Coordinator: Wayne Coffee, OBAN, PTAC (Procurement Technical Assistance Coordinator)
  • Phone: 405-643-3276 office, 405-668-2434 cell
  • Email:

Program Details

Market your products and services to government agencies by becoming a member of our local Bid Assistance Center.  Our center operates as a part of a large telecommunications network to share information on potential government (city, count, state, federal) contracts.  Our “Bid-Match” computer program is used to search several databases and tabulate information specifically tailored to individual small businesses.    

This computer program provides daily notices that identify various government agencies that are buying the goods and services that small businesses produce.  Included in the daily notice is a brief summary of the goods and services supplied, where the work is to be performed or delivered, who is administering the contract, and how to obtain the necessary documents for bidding on contracts.

Government Registrations

Companies positioning themselves to pursue and compete for government contracts at all levels must, in most cases, be registered with the applicable government agency. At the US federal level, registration in the System for Award Management (SAM) is mandatory. Small businesses and businesses desiring to be recognized as small, disadvantaged and/or HUBZone status will need to complete certain certifications with the Small Business Administration (SBA). Registration with the State of Oklahoma Department of Central Services provides prospective vendors with notification of business and contacting opportunities. County and city/local agencies may also require vendor registration. The OBAN office can assist you in collecting the information you will need for SAM, SBA and State of Oklahoma vendor registrations.

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If you are interested in participating in this program,
contact Wayne Coffee at 405-643-3276 or 405-668-2434.