Microsoft Outlook

There is a treasure of capabilities in Outlook!  Enroll in this course to unlock them for yourself and your organization.  You will work with email, manage contact information, use the calendar to schedule appointments, and the journal to track activities and applications.  Book required.  (8 - 3 hour classes)

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Course Number Location Days & Times Course Date Cost
C71E1153 Holt T/TH • 6:30-9:30pm 01/13/2015 to 02/05/2015 $65
C71E1154 Holt T/TH • 6:30-9:30pm 03/24/2015 to 04/16/2015 $65
C71E1155 Holt M/T/TH • 6-10pm 06/01/2015 to 06/11/2015 $65
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