Jewelry Design

One of the things we have learned in the past year is that, regardless of the economy, the fashion jewelry industry continues to thrive. Whether it is designing, teaching, socialization or a fun way to create designer looks for less - jewelry making has remained a stable creative outlet throughout our uncertain times.

Although the trends and style influences change, jewelry and beads have remained a consistent part of consumer lives - through designing jewelry and using current fashion accessories to update existing wardrobes. We look forward to watching our students as they start successful jewelry making ventures and make money through their creative passion. Supply list given on the first night of class.

Course Schedules
Course Number Location Days & Times Course Date Cost
G81C1153 Cowan T/TH • 6-9pm 01/13/2015 to 01/29/2015 $48
G81C2153 Cowan T/TH • 6-9pm 02/02/2015 to 02/18/2015 $48
G81C1154 Cowan T/TH • 6-9pm 03/31/2015 to 04/16/2015 $48
G81C1155 Cowan M/T/W • 6-9pm 06/01/2015 to 06/10/2015 $48
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